Best Outdoor Golf Simulator Reviews [2023]: Building The Backyard Of Your Dreams

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Who wouldn’t love to play golf all year round? .. Sounds like a dream to me! However, the weather Gods are not that kind to most of us…who don’t live in Florida! Enter Golf simulators! These devices are God sent and give us the chance to play golf all year round! If that is not a miracle, I don’t know what is.

Indoor golf simulators are easy to setup in your garage or den and give you a super realistic experience in the comfort of your home. But if your house cannot house an indoor golf simulator due to space constraints, and have always dreamed of a backyard of your dreams, outdoor golf simulators are the way to go. Also, outdoor golf simulators provide a lot of the benefits as their indoor counterpart, like the ability to practice and play golf regardless of the weather, improved accuracy and shot data, and the ability to customize course and weather conditions. In our opinion and experience, it actually gives a more realistic experience since you are outdoors, just like the golf course.

skytrak golf simulator

Our Top Choice

SkyTrak Golf Simulator Training Package

  • Play on the world’s 12 best WGT courses
  • Bag mapping feature for improved club selection along with progress tracking
  • 3D driving range with technology to trace shots

Our Favorite Picks for Outdoor Golf Simulators

Top 3 Outdoor Golf Simulators




Top Overall Simulator

SkyTrak Golf Simulator Training Package

SkyTrak Golf Simulator Training Package

  • Extra-large 12’ widescreen for a premium experience
  • Real-time feedback on vital performance areas
  • Play 12 famous World Golf Tour courses
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Overall Runner-Up

FlightScope Mevo+ Training Package

FlightScope Mevo+ Training Package

  • Action Shot Clips With Data Overlay
  • Tracking of Shots Using Radar Doppler Technology
  • 5 Golf Courses + 17 Practice Ranges
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Best Budget

 Garmin Approach R10 Training Golf Simulator Package

Garmin Approach R10 Training Golf Simulator Package

  • Great Quality For The Price
  • Tracks 12 Different Metrics
  • 10 Hours of Uninterrupted Use With Rechargeable Battery
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Top 5 Outdoor Golf Simulators That We Highly Recommend

1. SkyTrak SIG12 Golf Simulator: Top Overall Package

Product Specifications and Features

  • Minimum Room Dimensions: 14’ x 18’ x 10’
  • Launch Monitor Specs: SkyTrak Golf
  • Simulator Software: SkyTrak Play and Improve
  • Projector Specs: Optoma EH412ST short throw
  • Screen Specs: SIG12 HD
  • Net Specs: Side barrier netting
  • Hitting Pad/Mat: Fairway, Fiberbuilt, or Fiberbuilt Double
  • Landing Pad/Mat: Yes



What’s included in the package?

  • SkyTrak Golf Launch Monitor
  • Metal Protective Case
  • Play & Improve Software
  • SIG12 Golf Simulator Enclosure
  • Side Barrier Netting
  • Landing Pad Turf
  • Choice of Golf Hitting Mat
  • Golf Simulator Projector
  • Ceiling Mount
  • 15′ HDMI Cable and HDMI to Lightning Cable
  • Micro-USB Charging Cable for SkyTrak
  • SkyTrak User Manual & Quick Start Guide


The SkyTrak Sig12 Golf Simulator Package brings a luxury golfing experience to your home. The enormous 12’ widescreen provides an immersive experience, making you feel like you’re playing on the course. We were taken aback at the screen resolution more than once during testing.

Choose from the range of 12 World Golf Tour (WGT) courses, and enjoy playing the same courses as the professionals [1]. You can set the weather conditions to provide different challenges or even match your own regular golf course conditions. [2]

Even if it’s raining outside, you don’t need to miss a practice session. You can turn on your golf simulator and play a practice round or test your skills in the various competitions.

For an even greater realistic experience, you can choose from 3 different high-quality golf mats. If you have joint pain, we found the softer Fiberbuilt mat is gentle on the body, while the Fairway Series can hold a real tee just as if you are on the first hole.

What We Like:

  • Play various competitions for a more significant challenge
  • Choose from a range of playing weather conditions
  • Select from 3 high-quality golf hitting mats

What We Don’t Like:

  • This model is the most expensive simulator in the SkyTrak range

More About Outdoor Golf Simulators…

When to consider getting an outdoor gold simulator?

The most obvious one is that you love golf and want to be able to play and practice anytime. Its like having your personal golf course ready to be played on whenever you feel like… that is quite amazing if you ask me!

Say hello to the backyard of your dreams! Outdoor golf simulators typically require a larger space than indoor simulators, so you’ll need to have a backyard or other outdoor area that is suitable for the setup.

Outdoor simulators provide a very immersive and realistic golfing experience, as you are playing in a natural setting surrounded by trees, grass, and other outdoor features.
Some outdoor golf simulators even allow you to customize the course layout and design. This makes setting up your own personal golf course super fun and exciting.

what are the main components of an outdoor golf simulator?

  1. Simulator frame: The frame or structure of the simulator, which supports the netting or screen and holds the sensors and other tracking equipment.
  2. Netting or screen: A net or screen that captures the ball after it is hit, allowing the sensors to track its flight and trajectory.
  3. Sensors and tracking equipment: Sensors and other tracking equipment that measure and transmit data about the ball’s flight and trajectory.
  4. Computer or other device: A computer or other device that runs the golf simulator software and displays the shot data and course visuals.
  5. Software: Specialized software that processes the shot data and generates a virtual representation of the ball’s flight and the course.
  6. Golf clubs and balls: Real golf clubs and balls that are used to hit shots into the net or screen.

Other components of an outdoor golf simulator may include a hitting mat, a practice green, and other accessories or features. The specific components of a particular golf simulator will depend on the model and manufacturer.

setting up a golf simulator in the backyard

Setting up a golf simulator in the backyard is actually pretty straightforward and can be super fun to customize.

Choosing a location is going to be the most important step. Select a flat, open area in your backyard that is large enough to accommodate your golf simulator setup. While picking the location with the ideal proximity to your house or other structures, don’t forget to consider the sun and wind direction since these will drastically impact your game and golfing experience.

Assemble the simulator: Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to assemble the golf simulator frame, netting, or screen, and any other necessary components. Install the sensors and other tracking equipment and software according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Make sure the sensors are positioned correctly and are functioning properly.

Test the setup: Test the golf simulator by hitting a few balls and verifying that the sensors and software are accurately tracking and displaying your shots. Make any necessary adjustments to the simulator setup or software to ensure optimal performance.